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Munich Airport Opens Cybersecurity Defense Hub

IT specialists with the airport operating company FMG will work together with experts from the European aviation industry to develop strategies.

Coast Guard Hopes to Hurry Heavy Icebreaker Acquisition

The purchase would depend on new equipment investments by U.S. shipyards, which haven't built heavy icebreakers for decades.

Secret Service: ATM ‘Jackpot’ Hackers Likely Tied to International Syndicates

The heists, which involve hacking ATMs to rapidly shoot out torrents of cash, have been observed across the United States.

For Government Contractors, No End in Sight to Budget Uncertainty

The stoppage brought fresh worries that the industry’s funding problems are likely to get worse before they get better.

New DHS Screening for Refugees from 11 ‘High Risk’ Countries

During the review period, which lasted from late October to last week, admissions of refugees from those countries dropped sharply.

Catching Up on the FBI Saga: Missing Texts, Attempted Mueller Firing, and Other Whispers

The FBI has recently been under fire for numerous alleged activities and recent reports of several months of "misplaced" texts set the internet ablaze.

Pompeo Wants to Incentivize Some ‘Incredibly Audacious’ Intelligence Gathering

CIA director: "If it turns out the coin just ends up tails instead of heads, so be it. We're going go next day and go crush our adversary one more time."

What is the Impact of a Shutdown on the Cyber World?

A partial government shutdown is entering its third day on Monday after lawmakers were unable to reach a deal on a short-term funding bill. The...
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