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DHS S&T and New York City Partners Conduct Above/Below Ground Air Sampling Study

On each of five test days planned, the team will release small quantities of safe, non-toxic materials in several subway stations and aboveground locations.

DHS S&T Awards Funding to Design Passenger Self-Screening Hardware System

S&T’s Screening at Speed Program pursues transformative research and development (R&D) to increase aviation security effectiveness.

Mayorkas Halts Worksite Immigration Raids While Developing New Policy

DHS secretary says mass roundups can serve "as a tool of retaliation for worker cooperation in workplace standards investigations."

Fully Vaccinated Travelers from Canada and Mexico Allowed to Enter U.S. at Land Borders and Ferry Crossings

Beginning in early January 2022, DHS will require that all inbound foreign national travelers including truckers be vaccinated.

CISA Releases Guidance: TIC 3.0 Remote User Use Case

In conjunction with the Remote User Use Case, CISA has also released Response to Comments on TIC 3.0 Remote User Use Case and the Pilot Process Handbook.

NSA: Avoid Dangers of Wildcard TLS Certificates, the ALPACA Technique

NSA recommends NSS, DoD, and DIB administrators ensure their organization’s wildcard certificate usage does not create unmitigated risks.

DHS CWMD Awards Two Contracts for $60.8M to Equip DHS Partners with Radiological and Nuclear Detection Equipment

Radiation Portal Monitors are systems installed at sea and land ports of entry to scan cargo and conveyances against radiological and nuclear threats.

DHS, DOJ Move Forward with Collaborative Strategy to Fight ‘Very Individualized’ Domestic Terror Threat

"Online content, disinformation, false narratives and conspiracy theories" fueling much of the violence today, DHS counterterrorism chief tells Congress.
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