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CBP Lacks Software to Verify E-Passport Chip Data, Senators Say

A skilled hacker could alter the data on an e-Passport chip — like the name, photo, or expiration date — without alerting a border agent, say experts.

DHS Cyber Chief: No Evidence of Midterm Election Hacks – So Far

Only 32 states, along with 31 local governments, have sought DHS' most basic level of cybersecurity help, Manfra said; DHS will complete 14 deeper assessments by the end of April.

DHS Spending Growing Proportion of Budget on Contracts

Spending rose above 2016 levels in professional services, architecture, engineering and construction, and shipbuilding.

Six-Month Window to Spend Budget Bonanza Might Super-Size September Spree

Army chief of staff: "We don't get the same type of rigor we would like to get if we had it sooner."

DHS Launches Efforts to Protect Government, Commercial Supply Chains

P&G will donate testing devices to verify the authenticity of its products, helping CBP officers and trade specialists reduce the possibility of counterfeit goods entering the U.S.

$167 Million in 2017 DHS Cloud Spending Shows Resellers’ Influence

Across government, smaller companies resell the products and services of global information technology companies.

Practicing Trolls’ Methods Can Build Resistance to Fake News, Researchers Say

The researchers placed news consumers in the shoes of fake news producers who had to actively mislead people in order to win a game.

2019 Budget: DHS to Hand Off Agro-Defense Lab to USDA

The NBAF will replace the 64-year-old  Plum Island Animal Disease Center, currently the only U.S. lab authorized to handle live foot-and-mouth disease virus, according to news reports.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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