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Teen Arrested in ISIS-Inspired Plot to Commit Mass Shooting at Texas Mall

Aziz-Yarand allegedly discussed his plans online with undercover FBI sources, deliberating over whether to choose a school or a Hindu temple before settling on the mall and telling them he had been studying the layout.

Las Vegas Police Release Video Footage from Inside Shooter’s Hotel Rooms

The footage was released to the Associated Press in response to a lawsuit brought by a number of news organizations seeking video and documentation related to the shooting.

Two Crewmen Injured by Chinese Lasers Targeting U.S. Military Aircraft

Over the last couple of weeks, in at least two and perhaps as many as 10 incidents, U.S. aircraft landing at the Djibouti base were hit by laser beams traced to Chinese outpost.

Tech Firms Look for Congress Intervention on JEDI Contract

An industry group that represents tech firms has asked Congress to intervene on the Pentagon's JEDI cloud contract, according to a letter obtained by...

Ionic Security Gains First Phase 4 Award for IoT Security

The SVIP program consists of four phases, with the first two phases consisting of proof of concept and a working prototype. The fourth phase requires the execution of the necessary testing and steps to bring their solution to commercial viability and availability.

Report Finds Cybersecurity ‘Dwell’ Time Is 191 Days; State CIO Says It Should be Zero

The study also found that global data breaches cost the most within the health industry and that malicious attacks are the most expensive type of data breach. It found that the cost of data breaches is impacted by a range of factors, including the use of an incident response team and extensive use of encryption.

CBP to Evaluate Incident Driven Video Recording System

Through this deployment, CBP will evaluate whether IDVRS is a viable technology to deploy in the operational environments, including line watch, checkpoint, vessel interdiction, vessel boarding, airport, seaport, outbound and other environments as necessary.

Fire Chiefs, American Military University Expand Training Partnership

Topics of mutual interest include firefighter resilience, emergency management, national intelligence, suicide awareness, and active shooter.
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