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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today

LaJoye: TSA Recruitment, Detection Efforts ‘Already Paying Dividends’ in Challenging Era

Acting administrator said daily airport passenger volumes are finally nearing, and occasionally exceeding, pre-pandemic levels.

Leading with Character: The Three I’s of Leadership

A Coast Guard member emphatically stated to Mayorkas, “Mr. Secretary, we revere Admiral Ray.”

CWMD Office Looks to Enhance CBRN and Food Security Programs, Expand Outreach

"I feel like we've been in a full-scale exercise over the past year" as COVID slammed meatpacking industry, director says.

U.S. Unveils Insights on China’s ‘Aggressive’ Cyber Ops, Assesses Blame for Microsoft Hack

Hackers "on the MSS payroll" made "a large ransom request made to an American company," senior administration official said.

Nominee Ed Gonzalez Says New DHS Priorities Give ICE ‘Ample Latitude’ for Enforcement

ERO conducts "a difficult and often thankless job, but leading such a team would be the honor of a lifetime."

FEMA Updates Public Works Resource Typing Documents for Efficient Mutual Aid Response

Use plain language for public works requests just like communication in the Incident Command System.

Jen Easterly Confirmed as New CISA Director

A hold had been placed on her nomination as high-profile ransomware attacks highlighted importance of agency.

New Interagency Strategy Details Partnerships, Automation, Outreach to Boost Naturalizations

USCIS, undergoing massive digital modernization, will also "explore ways to improve the digital delivery of citizenship-related content."
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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