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The Terrorist Threat After ISIS is Here

Right-wing groups are excellent students of ISIS and groups like it, and outperform ISIS on social media.

Wray to FBI After FISA Memo Release: ‘Keep Calm and Tackle Hard’

Director assures staff "talk is cheap" after House Intelligence Committee document alleges Bureau withheld info on warrants.

#RealDeal Interview: Taking the Reins to Respond to Disasters

Virginia Task Force 1's Schaff: "Make a decision quickly... decisions in a disaster environment aren’t usually consensus."

Duke Using Border Security to Operationalize ‘Unity of Effort’

DHS secretary ensuring that the massive department works to support each of its components by easing barriers.

ICE Director: ‘If You Violate the Laws … It’s Not Going to be OK Anymore’

Sanctuary cities “don’t protect immigrant communities," said Homan, because "immigrants are at greater risk of being arrested by us."

Trump Pitches Immigration Plan to Congress: ‘Americans are Dreamers, Too’

DACA and border proposal "should be supported by both parties as a fair compromise," he argued; Democrats resistant to limitations on family reunification.

Biometric Breakthrough: How CBP is Meeting its Mandate and Keeping America Safe

Agency and air travel industry partner to implement innovative ways of using technology to provide better enforcement.

Data in a Disaster: Scientists Can Shape the Common Operating Picture

Taxpayers as well as elected officials are going to expect faster, more accurate and far more informed decision making.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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