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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today

Assertive Professionals Wins Federal Award for Veteran Hiring Practices

Assertive Professionals provides cleared professionals who assist the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Department of Homeland Security in accomplishing their missions.

On 247th Birthday, Navy Launches New Recruitment Campaign Aimed at Gen Z ‘Nevers’

The new campaign features current Sailors sharing life-changing experiences and opportunities Gen-Zers are missing out on by not considering a Navy career.

Border Patrol Agent Entrance Exam Now Available Online

Newly appointed BPAs will be offered a $5,000 recruitment incentive after completing the academy.

GAO Calls for Action to Address Growing Cyberspace Mission Demands at the U.S. Coast Guard

In 2020, the marine transportation system, which moves people and goods through U.S. waterways, suffered over 500 cyber attacks.

GAO: Federal Agencies Should Adopt Private Sector Practices to Overcome CIO Challenges

Former federal CIO panelists reported difficulty achieving meaningful collaboration with other managers.

CBP Launches Fall Recruitment Effort With Cash Incentives for New Agents

CBP is offering a $5K to $10K recruitment incentive for Border Patrol Agents, special salary rates for Air Interdiction Agents (Pilots) and incentives for new agents and officers in certain duty locations, along with other benefits.

Bipartisan Bill Signed into Law Enhances ICE Shadow Wolves Program

Reclassifying Shadow Wolves from officers to agents provides career path mobility and allows HSI to share resources with other tribal areas.

Departments of Justice and State Launch International Program to Support Women in Leadership Roles in Counterterrorism

Developing advanced training, providing mentorship programs, and offering insight into current trends in new technology are key elements.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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