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Industry Announcements


Perspecta Completes Knight Point Systems Acquisition for $250 Million

Knight Point is an end-to-end managed services and solutions provider focused on modernizing IT, protecting critical networks and driving digital transformation.

Edinburgh Airport Selects Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform Following CT Exercise

Everbridge’s critical event management platform has the ability to rapidly locate employees at risk and, crucially, will provide the airport with enhanced and actionable risk intelligence, and help with incident preparation and response.

Everbridge Adds Threat Intelligence with NC4 Acquisition

Critical event management and enterprise safety software specialist, Everbridge Inc., has acquired NC4, which provides threat intelligence solutions to businesses, government organizations, and communities.

Department of Justice Selects AT&T for Technology Modernization

DOJ will transition to a next-generation communications platform supporting more than 120,000 employees across more than 2,100 locations. The fully managed solution includes numerous networking capabilities, including IP voice, data, security, cloud access and professional services.

Cybersecurity Firm Launches Solution to Identify Risks and Financial Losses From a Possible Breach

Attacktica’s solution pulls technical and non-technical information into an attack simulation-based SaaS platform, identifying weaknesses in the people, process, and technology lifecycle by identifying where and how to mitigate risk.

Man and Machine in Harmony as SE Solutions Rebrands as Steampunk

Technical consulting specialist, SE Solutions, is rebranding as “Steampunk" following a year of significant investment in the company, including an expansion in new leadership, rollout of new capabilities, and establishment of a new growth model.

Counterdrone Specialist Droneshield Announces Partnerships with Bosch and Altitude Angel

DroneShield will be offering an integrated system for drone detection and mitigation, with DroneShield’s products integrated with Bosch’s video surveillance products.

Dewberry Receives Another FEMA Construction Task Order

Dewberry will monitor the repairs and new construction of up to 600 houses on Saipan and Tinian Islands located in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands after the islands were hit by category 5 Super Typhoon Yutu in October 2018.
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