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USGS Weighs Quake Alert Formulas to Give First Responders, Civilians More Seconds That Count

If alerts are only saved for the worst seismic bombs, window to take action can be cut dramatically.

GAO Forum: Technology Assessment Identifies Implications of AI

The Forum on Artificial Intelligence was convened by the Comptroller General and included participants from industry, government, academia and nonprofit organizations. It considered the future impact of AI in cybersecurity, automated vehicles, criminal justice and financial services.

FirstNet Core Goes Live, One Year After Partnership Was Launched

FirstNet is the public communications network exclusively for first responders, developed as the result of a public-private partnership between AT & T and the First Responder Network Authority.

DHS Commercializes AI Tool for Pharmaceutical Research

Socrates, initially developed by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, was licensed by Maryland-based Bullfrog as part of S&T's Transition to Practice program.

NIST Releases Guidelines for Addressing Advanced Persistent Threats

The guidelines include four major cyber resilience goals, which are to anticipate, withstand, recover from and adapt to threats. They also outline a list of cyber resilience objectives.

President’s Management Agenda Will Leverage Common Contracts to Drive Savings

Category management is a key issue in the agenda, which states that federal government could reduce its $300 billion annual spending on common goods and services by using agency share in contracts.

Universities Partner on $9.8 Million Hypersonics R&D Project

A $9.8 million U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory contract will team the University of Tennessee System, Purdue University, and the University of Dayton Research Institute.

PERSPECTIVE: What’s Happening Behind Scenes to Thwart Radiological Attacks

Threat could come in form of a strong radioactive source the size of a pencil hidden in crowds.
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