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Latest From the Inspector General


OIG: Most Civil Rights Infringement Claims Against DoJ Do Not Need Further Investigation

Between July 1, 2017, and December 31, 2017, the period covered by this report, the OIG processed 539 new civil rights or civil liberties complaints and found 500 did not fall within the OIG’s jurisdiction or did not warrant further review.

OIG: Audit Finds Weaknesses with FBI Internet Security Program and DirectorNet Program

KPMG also conducted an audit on the FBI's Background Investigation Contract Service Unit (BICS) Online Transfer System (BOLTS) but found this was consistent with FISMA requirements.

OIG: Moderate Risk Remains on DHS Bankcard Program

It found that although DHS has established internal controls for its charge card programs, components were not always following the agency's procedures.

OIG: DoS Should Add Cooperation Clause for Contractors

The Foreign Affairs Manual requires that department contractors and subcontractors promptly and without interference or undue inquiry provide requested assistance and information to OIG personnel.

OIG: DHS Could Protect Information and Systems More Efficiently

The inspector general stated that unless further oversight is introduced DHS cannot ensure its systems adequately protect the sensitive data they store and process.

OIG Says FEMA Has ‘Misled’ About IT Management Improvements

OIG found that many of its recommendations remain unresolved, and are having an adverse impact on the agency's day-to-day operations.

DHS Not Misusing Government Aircraft, Says OIG

OIG conducted an executive travel review on DHS, due to heightened interest in the potential misuse of government-owned and leased aircraft.

OIG: DHS Needs to Improve its HSPD-12 Identification Program

The Homeland Security Program Directive 12 was introduced in 2004 to ensure that a secure and reliable form of identification was used to gain access to federally controlled facilities and information systems.
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