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HSToday Honors Community Stars, COVID Heroes: 2020 Mission Awards

The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic affected every facet of homeland security and tested our response.

Biden to Nominate Former Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as First Latino to Lead DHS

Mayorkas would also be the first immigrant in the role and served as director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Operationalizing #NeverForget: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As we reflect on the impacts of September 11th on our present and future, we at Homeland Security Today urge you to operationalize the pledge to never forget: To recognize the evolving and changing nature of the threats to our people and way of life, and to work to be part of the solution. To work to solve problems instead of creating more victims. To unite as Americans against those who wish to harm us. And, perhaps most importantly, to recognize that the consequences of just one successful attack are more than we are willing to tolerate.

State of the Homeland Address: Wolf Focuses on ‘Operational Flexibility,’ Protest Response

He criticized "a vocal and ill-informed minority" that "has clamored to paint recent DHS actions as examples of mission drift."

DHS Needs Urgent Refocus on Modern Threats, Partnerships and Morale, Say Former Officials

Pandemics have "not yet received attention and resources" deserved and "the American people are paying a terrible price."

9/11 Memorial Glade Dedicated to Ongoing Loss of Life from Health Impacts of Attacks

The Glade honors all of the response, recovery, and rescue responders who came to NYC, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania.

Public Health Officials Worry ‘Measles May Regain Foothold in U.S’; Anti-Vaxxer Groups Targeted Vulnerable Populations

According to the CDC, some of the recent measles outbreaks were in part caused by targeted campaigns spreading misinformation.

Big Neck? That May Not Help After Coast Guard Body-Fat Policy Review

The recently released Women’s Retention Study (WRS) cited perceived "inequities with current standards" and concerns over using a tape to measure body fat.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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