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Transportation Security

Alabama Man Sentenced for Impersonating a Federal Air Marshal

Jay Diamond, who has a criminal history with over 30 misdemeanor and traffic convictions, has been sentenced on two counts of false impersonation of a Federal Air Marshal.

DHS Did Not Effectively Oversee TSA’s Acquisition of Computed Tomography Systems, Says OIG

TSA risks spending over $700 million in future appropriated funding to purchase CT systems that may never fully meet operational mission needs.

Al-Qaeda Magazine Encourages Lone Attackers to Use Planes as Weapons

Publication said the 9/11 hijackers' use of box cutters "solves the biggest problem" of jihadists "which is the obtaining of explosive materials."

Croatia Designated as a New Participant in the Visa Waiver Program

The VWP is a comprehensive security partnership between the United States and designated countries that facilitates international travel.

HST Interview with Stephanie Jaros, Director of Research, DOD Counter-Insider Threat Program

September is Insider Threat Awareness Month - please join HSToday for an exclusive interview with Stephanie Jaros, Director of Research, DOD Counter-Insider Threat Program...

GAO: Identifying Lessons Learned Could Improve Transportation Safety

After a series of catastrophic and high-profile incidents, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) was tasked with playing a larger role in overseeing safety for public transportation.

Weekly Update: TSA Firearm Detections Week 37

The number of guns stopped at Pittsburgh International Airport this year has already surpassed the number detected in 2020.

McCarran TSO Passes Away After Contracting COVID-19

TSA has now had 28 employees pass away after contracting COVID-19.

Infrastructure Legislation Proposes Investment for Transportation, Emergency Management, Coast Guard and More

The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure has advanced legislation to invest nearly $60 billion to make America’s infrastructure more sustainable, resilient, and equitable, and to reduce carbon pollution from the transportation sector.

Armenia and Europol Sign Agreement to Tackle Cross-Border Organized Crime

The agreement will enable both partners to work on some key areas such as migrant smuggling, cybercrime, drug trafficking, asset recovery, money laundering, organized property crime and trafficking in human beings.

CBP Continues to Seize Thousands of Counterfeit COVID-19 Vaccination Cards and Stickers

The shipments, which originated in China, were being imported by non-medical entities in private residences and apartments in Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, New York, and Texas.

CBP Introduces Nation’s First Dedicated Centralized Inspection Facility at LAX

The new facility is fitted with non-intrusive inspection technology which will streamline the validation and clearance process.

CBP Introduces New CBP ROAM Features to Expand Touchless Service for Boaters

To further support its innovation efforts, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced on September 16 that CBP ROAM™ will introduce new features that allow pleasure boat operators to apply for and update cruising licenses.

Suquamish Tribe Begins Issuing Tribal Card Through Agreement with CBP

The cards expedite and facilitate cross-border trade and travel for members of the tribe, as well as providing a tribally issued secure travel document to eligible tribal members.

Border Patrol Finds Undocumented Individuals with Fraudulent Documents on Passenger Bus

During inspections on a passenger bus, agents discovered three undocumented individuals who presented fraudulent U.S. passport cards.

TSA Installs Credential Authentication Technology at Capital Region International Airport

The CAT unit will verify that the traveler is prescreened to travel out of the airport for a flight that day.
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