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Transportation Security

Senate Passes Transportation Security Bills as Part of NDAA 2023

The One-Stop Pilot Program Act authorizes TSA to conduct a pilot program at not more than six foreign last point of departure airports to permit passengers and their accessible property to bypass domestic security rescreening at a connecting airport in the United States.

TSA Confirms Another Record Year for Firearm Detections and Increases Penalties

As of December 16, TSA has stopped 6,301 firearms; more than 88% were loaded. TSA anticipates a nearly 10% increase over 2021’s record level by year-end.

More Than 250 Human Traffickers and Smugglers Behind Bars After Pan American Police Operation

Frontline officers conducted controls at trafficking and smuggling hotspots identified ahead of operations, with particular emphasis on transit points such as airports, bus terminals and border crossings.

Transportation Security Heroes Honored at HSToday Holiday Awards

We are honored and proud to present our annual award winners in the transportation security field who go the extra mile to keep our skies, roads, rail and seas safe for travelers.

Arrest Follows Back-to-Back Shooting Incidents on Washington Metro

Thursday's incident follows a fatal FBI agent-involved shooting incident that occurred on December 7, inside the Metro Center Station.

Greg Ehrie Named as CSO of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

During his 22-year tenure at the FBI, Ehrie held multiple national and international positions with an emphasis on intelligence operations and terrorism investigations.

Shailen Bhatt Confirmed as Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration

Mr. Bhatt was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on December 8, 2022. He is the first person of Indian descent to lead FHWA.

CBP Officers Seize 200 Pounds of Narcotics in Railcar

The seizure occurred on Dec. 7 when CBP officers along with a CBP canine were conducting inspections on a train making entry into the U.S. from Mexico.

PERSPECTIVE: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Cybersecurity in the Transportation Sector

The TSA’s newly imposed cybersecurity requirements cause implementation and oversight/remediation challenges due to insufficient resource.

Second Delay of Effective Date for Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)-Reader Requirements

This delay will give the Coast Guard time to further analyze the potential effectiveness of the reader requirement in general as well as at these facilities.

REAL ID Deadline Extended to 2025

DHS is extending the REAL ID full enforcement date by 24 months, from May 3, 2023 to May 7, 2025.

Busiest Day of the Year for TSA as Firearm Detections Continue

TSA checkpoints saw their busiest day of the year on November 27 as 2,560,623 passengers were screened.

TSA Seeks Input to Strengthen Rail and Pipeline Cybersecurity

TSA has determined that it is appropriate to issue a regulation for cyber risk management in the pipeline and rail (including freight, passenger, and transit rail) sectors.

Security and Safety Concerns Over Airline Dispatchers Working from Home

Normally, FAA rules require dispatching duties be performed in operation control centers which offer a secure and distraction free environment that is protected from physical or cyber attacks and equipment capable of handling massive amounts of data.

Blades on Flights Incidents Show the Need for a Layered Approach to Aviation Security

The incidents have underlined the risk to passengers when hazardous objects that could be used as weapons make it on board a plane.

Call for Proposals for Canada’s Rail Climate Resilience Initiative

This initiative specifically targets rail infrastructure projects meant to increase resilience to extreme weather events and advance measures to address climate change measures.
Category Template – Transportation 3 Homeland Security Today
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