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Liberty Defense Receives TSA Contract Award for Screening Aviation Workforce

The proposed HEXWAVE solution will detect TSA-specific threats and will expand its Automated Threat Recognition (ATR) system to the TSA’s criteria.

How the TSA Can Help Protect Its AI Systems from Attack

TSA must mitigate potential vulnerabilities sometimes difficult to see within complex AI and ML algorithms.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to Open New Security Checkpoints in November

The new arrangement will put more of the airport terminal beyond security, giving passengers greater opportunities to visit other parts of the airport.

TSA Sets 20-Year Record for Firearm Catches Before the Year is Through

By October 3 this year, TSA officers had stopped 4,495 airline passengers from carrying firearms onto their flights, surpassing the previous record of 4,432 firearms caught at checkpoints in the full calendar year 2019.

TSA to Impose Cybersecurity Mandates by Year End

The Transportation Security Administration will impose new cybersecurity mandates on the railroad and airline industries, including reporting requirements as part of a department effort to force compliance.

TSA Expands Use of Credential Authentication Technology

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has installed new credential authentication technology (CAT) at two more airports.

Tampa International Supervisory Transportation Security Officer Passes Away After Contracting COVID-19

Quijano joined TSA in 2002 when the checked baggage operation was still in the airport lobby. He later assisted in transitioning the baggage operation to one of the first inline baggage systems in the country.

OIG: TSA Falls Short on Modernization Efforts

An audit by the Office of Inspector General has determined that the Transportation Security Administration has not fully met the requirements of the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 and the TSA Modernization Act.
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