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OIG: TSA Falls Short on Modernization Efforts

An audit by the Office of Inspector General has determined that the Transportation Security Administration has not fully met the requirements of the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 and the TSA Modernization Act.

St. Petersburg-Clearwater TSO Passes Following COVID-19 Illness

Seoud joined TSA in 2018 and was a valued member of the team who will be fondly remembered for his dedication and willingness to help others.

Multiple Firearm Detections at TSA Checkpoints

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers have seen an increase in firearms at the checkpoints, most of which have been loaded, with some checkpoints seeing multiple weapons in the same week or even the same day.

TSA Lowers PreCheck Online Renewal Fee

The Transportation Security Administration has announced that it has lowered the online renewal fee for TSA PreCheck® from $85 to $70. The new lower fee went into effect on Friday, October 1.

Alabama Man Sentenced for Impersonating a Federal Air Marshal

Jay Diamond, who has a criminal history with over 30 misdemeanor and traffic convictions, has been sentenced on two counts of false impersonation of a Federal Air Marshal.

DHS S&T Awards Funding to Design Passenger Self-Screening Solution

Micro-X proposes to design a screening solution capable of using the natural motion of passengers divesting their belongings to achieve thorough inspection.

HST Interview with Stephanie Jaros, Director of Research, DOD Counter-Insider Threat Program

September is Insider Threat Awareness Month - please join HSToday for an exclusive interview with Stephanie Jaros, Director of Research, DOD Counter-Insider Threat Program...

Weekly Update: TSA Firearm Detections Week 37

The number of guns stopped at Pittsburgh International Airport this year has already surpassed the number detected in 2020.
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