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Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request Aims to Advance DHS Mission

White House "messaging document" bulks up investments in border security and immigration enforcement and funds advancements in cybersecurity and aviation safety.

Federal Agencies at Risk From Data Breaches at Contractors, Other Companies

A data breach at U.S. credit reporting agency Equifax may have been the source of some stolen identities used by disaster aid fraudsters.

DACA Compromises in Senate While Trump Insists on All of Wish List

Centrist lawmakers want to move forward on legalization, border security bill without the family reunification, visa lottery "pillars."

White House Seeks $47.5B to Add DHS Staff, Fund Cyber and Border Wall

The Transportation Security Administration would get $3.2 billion to add 687 screeneers, bringing the total transportation security corps to 43,877, the most ever.

PERSPECTIVE: Vetting Center is Needed Collaboration for National Security

Bringing together all data streams into a unified hub is prudent and sensible, and doesn't take human decision-makers out of the equation.

Crisis-Driven Policies and Technology Choices May Erode Cyber-Resilience

Report recommends governments make cyber policy using an ongoing iterative process in place of one that is "ad hoc and crisis-driven" and produces "patchwork legislation.”

Trump Attacks as Hill Support Grows for DACA Fix Plus Beefed-Up Border Tech

Bipartisan bills would up the use of the use of drones and other technology to improve “situational awareness and operational control of the border.”

FBI Leadership Communications on Comey Firing Contradict White House

John Bennett, special agent in charge in San Francisco, wrote at the time, “These events are hard to hear and harder to comprehend.”
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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