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Enabling the Good While Preventing the Bad: How Security Enables the Drone Industry

WhiteFox outlines critical recommendations for a comprehensive counter-UAS legislative framework, and a path forward for industry.

Congressional Paper Tackles ArtificiaI Intelligence Privacy, Bias, Security Concerns

Lawmakers recommend more active steps to "consider the ways in which [AI] could be used to harm individuals and society, and prepare for how to mitigate these harms."

WHITE PAPER: A Five-Point Strategy to Oppose Russian Narrative Warfare

Given that influence has become Russia’s weapon of choice, influence operations by default must become the primary strategy of resistance and containment. The U.S. and most of our allies have largely ceded the influence battlefield to Russia, offering only token resistance.

DHS to Publish Guide on Handling Social Media Misinformation During Disasters

The report recommends enlisting digital volunteers to monitor social media and identify rumors and report back to officials so they can correct them.
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