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Meeting the Requirements of the SAFE Port Act

An old idea has been reintroduced that has the potential of meeting the elusive requirements of the SAFE Port Act without killing the economy in the process. The proposed solution, the Portunus Concept developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, proposes a set of offshore ports that are close enough to shore to support a vibrant… Keep Reading

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DHS Reverse Industry Day to Focus on Acquisition, Technology Crossroads

DHS Chief of Procurement Soraya Correa announced Jan. 8 that the department plans to host its fifth Reverse Industry Day on Jan. 31. Industry Day V will focus on “Advancing the Dialogue: Where Acquisition, Innovation, Cybersecurity, and Technology Intersect.” Under Secretary for Management Claire M. Grady will deliver the day’s keynote address. “Reverse Industry Days have… Keep Reading

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21st Century Information-Sharing and Communication Requirements Pose Significant Challenges

First responders in the 21st century increasingly face multifaceted active threat scenarios. The complexity of recent national and global attacks, as well as the potential of extreme natural disasters and weather emergencies, challenge those charged with saving lives and ensuring the best possible outcomes during these events more than ever. While the challenges seem more… Keep Reading

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Cyber Security and the Insider: Is the Threat What It Appears?

The House recently passed the Department of Homeland Security Insider Threat and Mitigation Act of 2017 (HR 666), a bill to tighten defenses against insider threats. This comes just months after another National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, Harold Martin, allegedly stole sensitive government information. Martin was arrested by the FBI in August 2016 and recently… Keep Reading

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EXCLUSIVE: TSA Official – Active Shooter Response: Increasing Your Options

For more than a decade, Immediate Action Rapid Deployment (IARD) has become the universal technique used by law enforcement to neutralize the active shooter. While IARD — a police tactic where first responders, typically regular police officers, actively confront a developing high-risk crisis — is the most widely accepted means of eliminating the threat, the… Keep Reading

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Improving Homeland Security Command Center Situational Awareness

Picture yourself in a Homeland Security Operations Center in the midst of a mission to safeguard a public event. You are surrounded by displays, each feeding information from various multiple classified networks. Some information is visual, some textual, and some is a mix of both. You are surrounded by a flood of information flow that… Keep Reading

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