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NEW – Former FAM Agent Says He’s Not Surprised it’s Still A Mess

After reading the Homeland Security Today report, Federal Air Marshals Fail to Assess Capabilities, by former Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) agent Clay Biles, I wasn’t the least bit surprised that things are still as bad in the FAM program as Biles described — I was in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) version of the… Keep Reading

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SPECIAL ANALYSIS: AntiquitiesSales Supporting ISIS Fails the Test of Robustness

Dr. Neil Brodie, an archaeologist, academic and campaigner for tighter antiquities trade restrictions, stated in his article, Thinking on Policies, for the European Union National Institutes for Culture in Washington, that, “There is an opinion within the archaeological community that highlighting the financial importance to ISIL of the antiquities trade will make it an issue… Keep Reading

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How Our Leaders Should Be Protecting the Homeland

The United States continues to face security threats while the new administration and Congress remain in an ideological war with no end in sight. Regardless of political affiliation, there are three areas vital to national security where we can — and must — work together over these next four years. First is bolstering our country’s… Keep Reading

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Grid Security Requires Constant Vigilance from Insider Threats

Thomas Jefferson once said, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Eternal vigilance is also the price the United States must pay to ensure the power grid is protected. Over the last decade, managing threats to the nation’s power grid has become a part of everyday life for the US energy sector. Utilities are inundated… Keep Reading

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The Scourge of the Lone Wolf

The deaths of 49 people in a bar in Orlando, Florida at the hands of a single gunman and the massacre of 85 people in Nice, France using a truck as a weapon of terror, demonstrate the threat that so-called ”lone wolves” present to society. Lone wolves are not usually so successful. On a train… Keep Reading

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Planning for Cyberattacks from an Emergency Management Perspective

As society becomes more reliant on digitally integrated systems, the threat posed by cyberattacks continues to grow. In the United States alone, a variety of high-profile cyberattacks have occurred within the past several years, including numerous incidents of data theft, bot attacks, denial of service attacks, distributed denial of service attacks, malware infections, ransomware, and… Keep Reading

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Can Coal Help EMP Risk Reduction?

When the Commission to Assess the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse [EMP] Attack published its report in 2004, coal accounted for roughly half of all power produced in the United States. Today, only a third of US electricity comes from coal, according to the US Energy Information Agency (EIA). This is good news for both environmentalists… Keep Reading

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Setting the Sights on Gun Background Checks

The past decade has seen explosive growth in the number of requestsfor firearms-related criminal background checks, leaving the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) scrambling to accurately process an unprecedented amount of data. In fact, from 2004-2014, NICS saw a whopping 241 percent increase in applications for firearms licenses and, in 2015, it processed… Keep Reading

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