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Galorath Inc.

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Founded in 1979, Galorath began as a consulting firm committed to helping improve software and hardware development processes for corporate entities and the federal government. After seeing first hand the shortcomings of the manual estimation process that went into many of their clients projects, a team of senior engineers, scientists and analysts developed the company’s proprietary SEER software. SEER worked to account for the information gaps, inconsistent processes, evolving requirements, competing demands, and “wishful thinking” that accompanied many of these large-scale projects.

Since then, Galorath has invested decades of research and development into helping organizations better plan and control project costs, quality, duration, and risk. Leveraging its sophisticated modeling technology and thousands of project-applicable data-sets, Galorath and its line of SEER solutions have proven time and time again to accurately replicate real-world project outcomes more quickly and with much higher accuracy than anything else available on the market.

At its core, the company keeps two simple principles front-and-center in everything they do: make the next version better than the last, and ensure every aspect of the product is intuitive and easy-to-use. Every product and product update is designed not only to surpass our competitive offerings but to do so while remaining fully accessible to even the most novice users. From planning to execution, and everything in between, Galorath has the knowledge, solutions, and people to make sure your project is executed as efficiently as possible.

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