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CrimeSolutions Rates and Removes Programs

The Department of Justice has removed three program ratings from CrimeSolutions.gov as a result of its ongoing re-review process. Based on refinements to the program rating instrument and the rating process, CrimeSolutions determined that the studies in the evidence base for these programs did not provide enough evidence to assign a rating or would have been screened out under the current protocol.

The three progams are the Schenectady Public Surveillance Project and the Gang Reduction Program (Richmond, VA) – which have been moved to the screened out program evaluations list, and Career Academy – which has been moved to the inconclusive evidence list.

New programs rated promising by CrimeSolutions include a P3i (proactive police patrol information) application for law enforcement. The mobile application for law enforcement officers that projected the locations of persons-of-interest based on their residences and other location information contained in the police department’s crime database. CrimeSolutions found officers using the application had a statistically significant greater number of warrant arrests and information reports than officers in the control group. There was no statistically significant impact on citation arrests.

Meanwhile, the Ceasefire program has been rated Effective. This is a focused-deterrence group violence reduction strategy (GVRS) designed to reduce or control gun violence in Oakland, California. The intervention was shown to reduce total shootings, gang-involved shootings, suspected gang-involved shootings, and gang shooting victimizations in treatment block groups relative to matched comparison block groups. These differences were all statistically significant.

Kylie Bielby
Kylie Bielby has more than 20 years' experience in reporting and editing a wide range of security topics, covering geopolitical and policy analysis to international and country-specific trends and events. Before joining GTSC's Homeland Security Today staff, she was an editor and contributor for Jane's, and a columnist and managing editor for security and counter-terror publications.

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