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DHS OIG Issued 89 New Reports in FY2018, Referred 202 Cases for Prosecution

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General uncovered more than $175.1 million in questioned costs and more than $58.7 million in recovered assets, according to a year-in-review recap for fiscal year 2018.

OIG sent out the information on Wednesday. Due to the partial government shutdown, only the conclusions of the OIG’s report were available and not the report itself. 

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As a result of the 89 new reports that the OIG issued in FY2018, 202 cases were referred for prosecution, 133 federal employees and contractors were indicted, 204 were arrested and 76 were convicted. Of the reports, 318 recommendations were issued, 51 were accepted for prosecution and 44 were declined for prosecution.  

The investigations included a DHS employee who left sensitive documentation on a commercial airliner, a DHS OIG manager accused of committing insurance fraud and a U.S. Secret Service manager who “failed to follow Secret Service procedures regarding the inventory and disposal of evidence, misused seized property, and provided inaccurate information to the Secret Service when questioned regarding the matter,” according to an OIG report issued earlier this month.

James Cullum
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