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EDITORIAL – Happy Birthday America!

EDITORIAL - Happy Birthday America! Homeland Security TodayThe 4th of July — the American democratic experiment that’s endured, and proved itself, through time … and time, and time again!

America is the greatest beacon of light of freedom, and hope, in the world. We will not bow before totalitarianism, communism, socialism, fascism, autocracies, theocracies, dictatorships, or any government or movement which promotes oppression, suppression, degradation … and subjugation of its people.

Freedom is the universal right all human beings — not the religion(s) of intolerant, unforgiving, ignorance-based imposition of death to those who do not believe or accept their subjugators’ twisted, distorted, inhumane … and unevolved, basest barbarically lizard-brained driven instinctual beliefs — aka the Taliban, the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and all other Islamist movements — wEDITORIAL - Happy Birthday America! Homeland Security Todayho’se mindsets remain dominated by the primordial cortex of our earliest bipedal ancestor’s past.

God forgive them … for they obviously know not what they do!

Freedom does not cry out for forgiveness, compromise … or acceptance.

So, 239th birthday to America, and all of our readers, colleagues and friends.

From all of us … at Homeland Security TodayGod bless these united American states!

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