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Following Manchester Bombing, ISIS Supporter Justifies Killing Women, Children

A day after the bombing in the Manchester Arena, which ISIS (ISIS) claimed responsibility of, the pro-ISIS Ashhad Media Foundation published an article, If You Kill Our Women and Children – We Will Kill Yours, by an ISIS supporter calling herself Umm Omar Al Iraqiyyah, in which she states the horrific jihadi attack was an act of reprisal for the killing of Muslim innocents, and that it is justified Following Manchester Bombing, ISIS Supporter Justifies Killing Women, Children Homeland Security Todaybased on the Koranic principle of reciprocity.

Circulated on pro-ISIS Telegram channels under the hashtags #Manchester and #Britain, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which closely monitors jihadi social media and other communications platforms like Telegram.

[Editor’s note: Read MEMRI Executive Director Steve Stalinsky’s March/April Homeland Security Today report, Platform Preferences: Jihadis’ Thrive on ‘Telegram’ Apps’ Versatility, Making it a Top Online Terror Tool]

Al Iraqiyyah wrote that, "If you kill our women and children – we will kill your women and children. When the enemy attacks women and children, or what is known today as civilians, it is permissible to attack the enemy’s women and children, or civilians, based on the principle of reciprocity. Allah said [in Koran 16:126]: ‘And if you punish [an enemy, O believers], punish with an equivalent of that with which you were harmed.’”

"This issue is clear as the noonday sun,” she said, adding, “A Muslim is allowed to inflict punishment equivalent to the harm that was done to him. Therefore, it is permissible to kill the [enemy’s] children, women and elderly. This is justice. We kill their women, children and elderly as they killed our women, children and elderly, in order to break their hearts and humiliate them, in light of the verse, ‘So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you [Koran 2:194].’”

Al Iraqiyyah said, “Umar also quotesa hadith which tells how the Prophet Muhammad punished two men killed a shepherd by executing them, and adds: ‘If this is the obligatory form of reprisal among Muslims, and this is how [the principles of] reciprocity and equality before the law are realized, then the infidels should be the first ones who deserve [such treatment]. We have the right to punish them in the same way they harmed us, and do to them what they did to us.’”

MEMRI said, “She slightly qualifies her statements, saying: ‘Shari’a law affirms the principle of reciprocity… The [abovementioned] verses are general and refer to all situations … But when they violate the honor of our women, should we violate the honor of their women? [The answer is that] it is not permissible to violate the honor of their women, since this act is specifically forbidden … However, if one of their women is captured as a prisoner of war she becomes a slave girl.’”

She concluded with a line from a famous Arabic poem, "If the scorpion returns, we shall return to it – and the shoe is ready [to stomp it].”

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