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Former Al Qaeda Detainee Promises ‘Creative And New’ Attacks On US

As the Obama administration released 15 more high value Al Qaeda detainees from Guantanamo (GITMO), former detainee Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud Al Qosi — who was released in 2012 as part of a plea deal after pleading guilty to conspiracy and supporting terrorism and joined and immediately hooked up with Al Qaeda in the Former Al Qaeda Detainee Promises 'Creative And New' Attacks On US Homeland Security TodayArabian Peninsula (AQAP) in December 2014 – this week vowed attacks in the US by English-speaking jihadis with Western names not on CIA or FBI terrorist lists.

"[Attacks] will continue but will be [in] a creative and new way by men of your own [who] carry your names, speak your language, and did not receive training in Afghanistan, and whose names are not on the CIA and FBI black list – men who might have in the past drunk alcohol, eaten pork, or been soldiers in your army,” Al Qosi, a member of AQAP’s Shura council, vowed in an article published by Al Marsa, a weekly newspaper affiliated with AQAP.

He also “urged the mujahideen in Syria to unite and form a new army whose mission would be to liberate Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Homeland Security Today previously reported that Al Qaeda and its affiliated groups like AQAP were actively recruiting radicalized Westerners unknown to counterterrorism authorities who are able to travel freely throughout the West.

In September 2004, and again in November 2007, Joint Task Force-GITMO (JTF-GITMO) “recommend[ed] this detainee for continued detention under Department of Defense [DoD] control” because he “is an admitted veteran jihadist with combat experience beginning in 1990 and it is assessed he would engage in hostilities against US forces, if released,” according to JTF-GITMO’S classified file on Al Qosi.

Indeed, the “Secret” JTF-GITMO file on Al Qosi considered him to be, “A high risk, as he is likely to pose a threat to the US, its interests, and allies” if he were ever released, noting that he vowed a “long term commitment to jihad.”

The JTF-GITMO file further noted Al Qosi “has openly admitted being a member
of Al Qaeda, as well as a trusted associate and loyal bodyguard to Usama Bin Laden (UBL),” and “has been very forthright regarding his commitment to UBL and Al Qaeda.”

The classified file further noted that he “is an admitted Al Qaeda operative and one of UBL’s most trusted associates and veteran bodyguard. Detaineewas the accountant for UBL’s Taba Investment Company (TIC) in Sudan, which provided financial and logistical services for UBL and Al Qaeda. Detainee served as a treasurer and courier for TIC. Detainee is associated with senior Al Qaeda members and received advanced training. Detainee participated in hostilities against US and Coalition forces at Tora Bora, Afghanistan.”

In his article, Oh the Mujahideen in Syria: Form Osama’s Army, “Al Qusi criticized Muslim scholars and preachers who advocate for peace and moderation on TV channels instead of inciting Muslims to wage jihad, and praised the mujahideen for sacrificing their blood and lives for jihad for the sake of Allah,” MEMRI reported. “The term ‘Osama’s army’ in the article refers to an army created by the Prophet Muhammad during his last days and commanded by one of his companions, Osama Ibn Zayd.”

He called on the “mujahideen to be prepared and continue the fight against the US until its last soldier leaves the Muslim lands,” MEMRI said.

“Al Qosi then proposed that the mujahideen in Syria unite and form an army to fight the Jews and liberate Al Aqsa in Jerusalem,” MEMRI said. “This army, he said, will enrage and terrify the Jews and the Americans.

“By Allah’s name, this matter [the army] is what most terrifies the Americans and the Jews, as well as those who support and protect them [such as] the surrounding countries and the hypocrites led by the Al Saud [family] and all the parties of resistance, as they will [find themselves] in a critical situation before all Muslims and would have two options, the sweetest of which would be bitter: either to be with the mujahideen or with the brothers of apes and pigs,” Al Qosi wrote.

Addressing the mujahideen in Syria, he added, "Al Aqsa is waiting for you and the [Islamic] Ummah is counting on you, and you are in a position in which every Muslim wishes to be; therefore, organize your ranks and unite your goals, and [keep in mind that it is vitally important] to stick to the fundamentals."

Al Qosi’s classified JTF-GITMO file stated he “trained at the Al Faruq Training Camp
outside of Khowst, Afghanistan in 1990,” and “received training with various weapons, including the RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades and 120mm mortars. Detainee fought in the area of Jalalabad … until Jamal Ahmed Al Fadl asked [him] to leave and go to Peshawar, Pakistan to work in UBL’s logistics office dueto [his] accounting background.

At the time, the logistics office was headed by Ghazi Al Madani (aka Madani Al Tayyib), a Saudi who was related by marriage to UBL. Detainee performed financial duties in the office.”

Continuing, the JTF-GITMO file stated, “In 1992, detainee returned to Khartoum to work for UBL’s TIC which was a subsidiary of the Wadi Al Aqiq Company. Detainee’s job at TIC involved converting Sudanese currency to US dollars. Detainee utilized the local black market, as the banks in Sudan would not sell dollars. Since dollars were more stable than Sudanese currency, UBL and TIC always needed dollars. Detainee worked in TIC as a certified accountant and treasurer for approximately two years. Detainee also worked with Abu Ayoub Al Iraqi who was in charge of the Taba offices inEd Damazin, and later Kassala.”

For more on released detainees, see the Homeland Security Today reports, Six More ‘High Risk’ GITMO Detainees Released by Obama; Lawmaker Calls it ‘Reckless, and, There Will be Blood: Freeing the Vilest of the Vile from GITMO.’

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