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Intermedix Reveals Latest Version of Emergency Management Software

Intermedix, an industry leader in technology-enabled solutions for global health and safety, announced the eighth version of WebEOC, the company’s incident management software, at the annual International Association of Emergency Managers conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Intermedix Reveals Latest Version of Emergency Management Software Homeland Security TodayThe WebEOC software has been a staple in web-based incident management operations for more than 10 years. The solution is currently used in more than 25 countries, by 53 US federal agencies and in more than 600 state and local government agencies.

Matt Cronin, WebEOC’s Product Manager, told Homeland Security Today there have been three significant updates to the software: a redesigned interface, simplified access to information and an improved user experience.

The redesigned interface features a number of updates to its look and feel including the introduction of a tabbed environment, which optimizes the use of the solution on tablet devices.

With simplified access to information, WebEOC now provides users with a more effective way to be notified about new information that comes into the system, including a prominent location for new information alerts and homepage updates to easily identify when new information has been imputed into the system by others involved in the response.

The improved user experience aids system administrators by simplifying how users interact with the software. This allows volunteer and infrequent users to easily find their way around the system, saving valuable time during incident response.
Intermedix Reveals Latest Version of Emergency Management Software Homeland Security TodayWebEOC provides health care providers and emergency responders with the ability to more effectively conduct daily operational tasks and responds to incidents with a common web-based operational picture.

Cronin said, “The software offersadvantages when responding to the mundane, professional sporting events, to the extreme, man-made and natural disasters like the Boston Marathon bombing and recent floods in South Carolina and Texas.”

WebEOC is changing how emergency managers respond to incidents. According to Cronin, before WebEOC, response to incidents were limited by the resources available to emergency managers. Whiteboards and coordination via phone communications was the basis of emergency coordination. WebEOC changed the incident response game by providing a web-based system that allows all those involved in the response to have real-time access to the information needed, wherever they are.

WebEOC is also highly configurable, allowing government agencies and corporations to customize their instance of the software to meet their unique needs. In leveraging these benefits, WebEOC becomes a critical part of the day-to-day operational needs of the agencies using the system.

“Emergency manageIntermedix Reveals Latest Version of Emergency Management Software Homeland Security Todayment professionals depend on WebEOC to manage both daily and emergency incidents,” said Intermedix CEO Joel Portice in a statement. “To meet their needs, we placed a strong emphasis on user feedback during the design of the new WebEOC. Collaboration with our user community was key to the development of our new features.”

“This release is an important milestone for the emergency management industry,” said Portice. “It is more than just another version of WebEOC. It’s an entirely new experience that will drive the next generation of incident management.”

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