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Nielsen Travels to Jordan, Will Meet King Abdullah II

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen embarked to Jordan on Friday to participate in the Aqaba Process, an international meeting to discuss international counterterrorism efforts. This is the second international trip inside of a month for Nielsen, who attended the inauguration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with a number of high-ranking administration officials in November. In Jordan, Nielsen will meet in Aqaba with King Abdullah II, and discuss the spread of terrorism and cyber threats.

“While in Jordan, Nielsen will meet with Jordanian government officials to discuss the importance of a collaborative approach to address the problems that threaten the safety and stability of our countries, including the spread of terrorism and evolving cyber threats,” DHS announced. “Additionally, Secretary Nielsen will stress the need for ways to improve both our ability to share information among countries, and to improve global information sharing standards.”

Nielsen reported traveling to Egypt after meeting with Abdullah.

Nielsen is the second administration official to travel to Jordan in recent months. In September, FBI Director Christopher Wray traveled to the region. She also traveled to Jerusalem in June to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
This story was updated 12/10/18
James Cullum
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