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Profiles in Leadership: Interview with Nancy Nykamp, Assistant Administrator of I&A, TSA

It’s Women’s History Month! Throughout the month we’ll have our emerging leaders, Kalyna White, Lexi Weger, and Kylie Maguire interview some of the most accomplished and amazing women in homeland! Stay tuned throughout March for much, much more with women who were the FIRST, the leaders, the founders, the CEOs trailblazing in homeland security.

This is our first interview with exceptional leaders in homeland security. We are extremely proud to continue this series with Ms. Nancy Nykamp. Ms. Nykamp was selected as the Assistant Administrator for TSA’s office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) in June 2020. Prior to this appointment, Ms. Nykamp served three years as Deputy Assistant Administrator of I&A. She previously was the Executive Director of Mission Essential Services , overseeing I&A’s Program Management, Security Threat Assessment Operations, Risk Analysis, and Mission Architecture and Process Innovation Divisions. Before her selection as EDM, Ms. Nykamp served as Senior Liaison for DHS Policy in the TSA Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement. In this position, she facilitated support across multiple TSA offices for the Secretary’s top initiative, Unity of Effort. Welcome Ms. Nykamp!

Kalyna White
Kalyna White
Kalyna White is an Assistant Editor at HSToday for Climate Change Security and is the STEM Ambassador to the Board of Directors for Women in Homeland Security. She is the founder of LABUkraine, a non-profit organization that builds computer labs for orphans in Ukraine. Since 2011 she has worked with Women in Homeland Security to encourage middle and high school student to pursue STEM careers by organizing and supporting field trips to STEM missions throughout the homeland security enterprise. She is also President of the University of California, San Diego Pi Beta Phi chapter.

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