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Scores of Bomb Threats Emailed Across U.S. Demanding Bitcoin Ransom

The FBI has responded to an undisclosed number of emailed bomb threats sent to businesses and other strategic locations across the United States demanding thousands of dollars in Bitcoin to avoid device detonation.

​The emails might be hoaxes, yet prompted multiple evacuations, and local and national law enforcement agencies are on high alert.  

“We are aware of the recent bomb threats made in cities around the country,” the FBI said in a statement. “We remain in contact with our law enforcement partners to provide assistance. As always, we encourage the public to remain vigilant and to promptly report suspicious activities which could represent a threat to public safety.”

Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser said she has been briefed on the situation and that the generic email threats were “sent to multiple, national targets.”  

The emails were sent from Hannah[@]viscositycups[.]com, 
Niko[@]viscositycups[.]com, Frank[@]broadwayboxing[.]com, Sofia[@]amiracles[.]com and Danny[@]odalog[.]com.
The emails included subject lines that said “Your building is under my control,” “Think twice,” “You don’t have much time,” “You are responsible for people,” “I give you a chance” and “Bomb is in your building.” 

​​One of the emails was sent to Amore Real Estate in San Francisco with “Think twice” written in the subject line and this in the body: “Hello. There is an explosive device (Tetryl) in the building where your company is conducted. My recruited person constructed the bomb according to my guide. It is small and it is hidden very carefully, it is not able to destroy the structure of the building, but if it detonates there will be many wounded people. 

“My recruited person is watching the situation around the building. If any unusual behavior, panic or policeman is noticed he will power the device. 

“I want to propose you a bargain. You pay me $20’000 in Bitcoin and explosive will not detonate, but don’t try to fool me -I guarantee you that I have to withdraw my man only after 3 confirmations in blockchain. 

“It is my BTC address -1LeReNiUgHNXvvR8TpgQG1b5nzqoKeUxDY

“You must pay me by the end of the working day. If you are late with the payment explosive will detonate. 

“Nothing personal, if you don’t send me the money and the bomb detonates, next time other commercial enterprises will transfer me a lot more, because it is not a one-time action. 

“For my safety, I will no longer visit this email account. I will monitor my Bitcoin address every 30 min and after receiving the bitcoins I will give the command to my person to get away. 

“If an explosion occurred and the authorities notice this letter;
We arent the terrorist organization and dont assume any liability for explosions in other buildings.” 

The New York Police Department tweeted that it responded to numerous threats, and that no devices were found. 

The Nassau County Police Department reported a dozen emailed threats, and the Oklahoma City Police Department received as many as 13 separate threats, according to NBC.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department also reported numerous email threats. 

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James Cullum
Multimedia journalist James Cullum has reported for over a decade to newspapers, magazines and websites in the D.C. metro area. He excels at finding order in chaotic environments, from slave liberations in South Sudan to the halls of the power in Washington, D.C.

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