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// by Kylie Bull

GAO: EPA Delayed Assessments of Harmful Chemicals

The EPA has faced criticism for delaying work on chemicals like formaldehyde, which is listed as a probable human carcinogen, and a Government Accountability Office report now confirms EPA leadership delayed assessments of toxic chemicals for months in 2018 and ultimately slashed the number of chemicals being assessed. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bull

GAO: Tracking Overstays Improves but Data Collection Limitations Remain

GAO said that although the overstay report identifies air and sea overstays, due to existing limitations in collecting departure data in the land environment, the 2017 overstay report provides limited departure and overstay information for land ports of entry, which DHS is required to collect and report by law. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bull

OIG Finds Room for Improvement in ATF’s Frontline Initiative

ATF does not have a formal internal review process to assess field division compliance with Frontline requirements. The OIG determined that the lack of an ATF headquarters review process limits ATF’s ability to hold field divisions accountable to their goals and to make continued improvements to Frontline. Keep Reading

GAO Reviews Vetting of Individuals and Secure Areas at Mar-a-Lago

The Secret Service physically screens all individuals who will access areas where the President will be present, such as a dining room. According to Secret Service officials, individuals who have a meeting with the President generally undergo both physical screening and enhanced background checks. Keep Reading

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