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GAO Tells TSA to Improve Covert Testing for Weapons in Baggage

GAO observed 26 covert tests and reviewed the test program and how results are used, publicly releasing its findings on April 4. Overall, GAO found that TSA’s ability to run covert tests has improved, but a new process intended to address vulnerabilities found in testing hasn't fully worked. Keep Reading

// by Shaun Waterman and Kylie Bielby

FBI Ripped Over Maritime Security, ID Cards for Terror Suspects

FBI failures meant that known or suspected terrorists, including an unknown number on the No Fly list, were issued a TWIC card — a special federal identity document allowing them unescorted access to secure areas of port facilities, according to a recent audit by the Office of Inspector General. Keep Reading

emergency responders in Hurricane Harvey
// by Kylie Bielby

Much of $35 Billion in Hurricane Recovery Spending Remains Unspent

GAO found that as of January 2019, Texas had drawn down about $18 million (of $5 billion) for administration and planning only, and Florida had drawn down about $1 million (of $616 million) for administration, planning, and housing activities. Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands had not drawn down any of the $1.5 billion and $243 million, respectively, they had been allocated. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

GAO tells DHS to Improve Information Storage

GAO says DHS is not well positioned to integrate the results and share lessons learned because limited R&D customer feedback information is collected and analyzed. Of the seven DHS components with R&D budget authority, only two reported having formal customer feedback mechanisms (U.S. Coast Guard and S&T). Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

GAO: State Must Work with UN to Improve Peacekeeping Operations

The United States is the single largest financial contributor to UN peacekeeping operations, contributing an estimated $1.7 billion in fiscal year 2018. However, in many cases these operations do not fully meet U.S. principles for effective peacekeeping, which include host country consent and an exit strategy. Keep Reading

CBP Expands Public-Private Partnerships

As of December 2018, CBP reported that it had completed data collection as called for in the plan, and was analyzing results. CBP expects to issue internally an assessment report for the RSP and DAP based on this analysis in April 2019, and then on an annual basis. Keep Reading

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