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DoD and FAA Can’t Leave Aircraft Tracking System Vulnerable, GAO Warns

A GAO report has found that the Defense Department and the Federal Aviation Administration need to address risks and improve their ADS-B Out technology, the system they use to track military aircraft. While the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out technology provides more information, such as precise locations and real-time tracking, than other tracking systems, it carries… Keep Reading

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China and Russia at center of new defense strategy

Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, has officially unveiled the new National Defense Strategy, and countering China and Russia is a top priority. Mattis unveiled the unclassified pages of the strategy at the Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies, and threats from other countries were high on the agenda. The document highlights the advances that China has… Keep Reading

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IG Finds ICE Screening Protocol Putting National Security at Risk

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is missing opportunities to identify aliens who may have ties to terrorism, and those holes in the screening protocol put national security at risk, according to an OIG report. The report found that the agency is not adequately implementing its KSTEP (Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol). KSTEP was established to… Keep Reading

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GAO Finds NASA Delays Pose Risk to Space Station Access

Delays on the NASA Crew Contract, from both Boeing and SpaceX, are risking U.S. access to the International Space Station, according to a GAO report. Both contractors have made progress on the project, but have also experienced delays, which could lead to neither option meeting NASA standards for human spaceflight before the NASA contracted seats… Keep Reading

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FEMA Appeals Assistance Process Could Improve, GAO Says

FEMA is only processing 9 percent of first-level assistance appeals and 11 percent of second-level assistance appeals within the statutory 90-day timeframe, according to a GAO report. The report found that FEMA’s data is often inaccurate and incomplete because regional offices do not consistently track first-level appeals and FEMA does not have processes to ensure… Keep Reading

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FBI Dismantling or Disrupting Fewer Cyber Criminal Operations

FBI agents took down or disrupted only about one-tenth as many cyber criminal operations during the 2017 fiscal year as they did three years earlier, according to annual reports. The number of cyber crime operations that FBI agents dismantled or disrupted fell from nearly 2,500 in fiscal year 2014, the first year reliable records were… Keep Reading

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Radiological Shipments Not Properly Checked by CBP, Evaluation Finds

Customs and Border Protection has failed to properly verify the licenses of all shipments of radiological material that enter the United States — cargo that could be used by terrorists to make a dirty bomb. Licenses of the shipments are issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and some states, and CBP is responsible for verifying… Keep Reading

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GSA to Formalize Cybersecurity Regulations for Contractors

The GSA announced that it plans to formalize the cybersecurity rules it lays out for contractors. The regulations are the same ones that the agency already imposes on contractors, with some additions and deletions, but GSA intends to impose them through a federal regulatory process this year. The agency will also give the public a… Keep Reading

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GAO: Agencies Need to Pull CIOs Into Acquisition Reviews

Federal agencies need to involve their CIOs in reviewing billions of dollars worth of acquisitions, according to a GAO report. Under the Federal Information Technology Reform Act passed in 2014, agencies should be identifying IT contracts for chief information officers to review and approve. The report found that most of the 22 agencies studied, including… Keep Reading

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