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DoD and FAA Can’t Leave Aircraft Tracking System Vulnerable, GAO Warns

A GAO report has found that the Defense Department and the Federal Aviation Administration need to address risks and improve their ADS-B Out technology, the system they use to track military aircraft. While the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out technology provides more information, such as precise locations and real-time tracking, than other tracking systems, it carries… Keep Reading

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China and Russia at center of new defense strategy

Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, has officially unveiled the new National Defense Strategy, and countering China and Russia is a top priority. Mattis unveiled the unclassified pages of the strategy at the Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies, and threats from other countries were high on the agenda. The document highlights the advances that China has… Keep Reading

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IG Finds ICE Screening Protocol Putting National Security at Risk

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is missing opportunities to identify aliens who may have ties to terrorism, and those holes in the screening protocol put national security at risk, according to an OIG report. The report found that the agency is not adequately implementing its KSTEP (Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounter Protocol). KSTEP was established to… Keep Reading

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