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What is the Impact of a Shutdown on the Cyber World?

A partial government shutdown is entering its third day on Monday after lawmakers were unable to reach a deal on a short-term funding bill. The House passed a month-long continuing resolution to fund the government, but Senate Democrats opposed the measure, holding out for a fix to protect so-called Dreamers, young immigrants brought to the country… Keep Reading

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National security concerns scupper Huawei partnership

A prospective partnership between mobile phone manufacturer, Huawei, and telecoms firm AT & T has been dashed, allegedly because of pressure from lawmakers who viewed it as a threat to national security. There are believed to be long-standing concerns about the Chinese firm and possible government snooping in the US, and this mistrust has reportedly… Keep Reading

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Report: Government and Private Sector Needs Better Understanding of the Vulnerabilities of Undersea Cable Services

A report from the Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program has found that the government and private sector organizations need a better understanding of the vulnerabilities associated with undersea cable services. Commercial undersea cable communications carry over 97% of all intercontinental electronic communications. They facilitate internet reach, phone access critical to international trade and official government communications.… Keep Reading

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