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Dulles CBP Officers Arrest Murder Suspect on Arrival

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers arrested a Maryland woman on first degree and second degree murder charges, after she arrived on a flight from El Salvador to Washington Dulles International Airport on May 15.
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Cyber Threats to Health, Education Sectors Increase with Ransomware, Limited Security Resources

Cascading impacts from attacks on interconnected critical infrastructure sectors such as communications and electricity "can be substantial."

NSA Hosts the Maryland Department of IT in Cybersecurity Workshop

This partnership allows DoIT to further understand the best practices of the federal government and for both entities to share lessons learned.

CISA Releases Analysis of FY21 Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

CISA encourages network defenders to review the analysis and infographic and apply the recommended mitigations.

CISA Issues Emergency Directive and Releases Advisory Related to VMware Vulnerabilities

Malicious cyber actors were able to reverse engineer the vendor updates to develop an exploit within 48 hours and quickly began exploiting these disclosed vulnerabilities.

Accessing Non-Traditional Technology Vendors Just Got Easier Thanks to New Partnership Between DIU and GSA

As a transition partner with DIU, GSA will enable both DoD and non-DoD entities to scale novel commercial technologies across the United States.

DHS S&T Tech Leads to Children Rescued and Traffickers Arrested

In 2019, a strategic partnership between HSI and S&T was formed to design and develop StreamView, a prototype livestream investigation tool.

121 Arrests in Operation Against Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking

Smart electronic gates, connected to INTERPOL’s databases, were activated at airports across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to boost passport checks and help detect forged documents.

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