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Asylon and Boston Dynamics Partner to Combine Air and Ground Robotic Security

Asylon, Inc. is to partner with robotic research and development company Boston Dynamics to integrate their unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), Spot, into the Asylon DroneCore Robotic Perimeter Security platform.

Michael Quiroga, Chief Revenue Officer at Asylon said the coupling of air with ground robotics is a natural progression and unlocks enhanced observe and report security automation. 

The Asylon security drone is designed to provide organizations with the fastest response to emergencies and alarms. Through automated security patrols, the drone can integrate with advanced sensors or detect anomalies by itself that require a response, such as intruders or overheating machinery, and enable human response teams to be appropriately prepared for potentially dangerous threats. The drone’s base station, DroneHome, is equipped with a robotic arm to autonomously replace low batteries, with a swap time of three minutes, so that organizations can respond quickly in the case of an emergency.

To complement the aerial surveillance offered by Asylon’s automated security drone system, the partnership with Boston Dynamics to deliver a mobile and versatile DroneDog will provide customers with both automated ground and aerial surveillance. Boston Dynamics is focused on creating robots with advanced mobility, a mission that began over 30 years ago, to deliver functional and highly mobile robots. Unlike ground robots that run on wheels or tracks, Spot’s legged design makes it capable of traversing uneven and unpredictable terrain with organic, life-like motion. Its capabilities allow for organizations to employ safer and more efficient security operations while its 14KG capacity allows for organizations to add modules and features to meet their needs and multiple units can be applied for advanced perimeter monitoring.

Powered by the proprietary Asylon DroneIQ software system, ground and aerial security robots can be programmed to conduct routine patrols or respond to alarms triggered by Internet of Things (IoT) connected alarms. Because the robots are field-programmable, they support long-term software development and upgrades. The machines are capable of supporting multiple payload options for both aerial and ground assets to collect actionable data to improve security while the Asylon’s Robotic Security Operations Center delivers immediate remote control, monitoring, and intelligence services. These data driven solutions help unlock AI and prescriptive analytics for anomaly detection across multiple sites.  The DroneCore system can be controlled from any location and the video feed can be viewed in real-time. 

This combination of technology makes Asylon the only American, full-service robotic perimeter company. The aerial drones have been designed, developed, and manufactured in Philadelphia, PA while Boston Dynamics designs and develops in Waltham, MA, and manufactures in the U.S. 

Currently, an Asylon Fortune 500 customer is in the process of deploying three DroneDog systems for testing and evaluation to add complementary capabilities to their automated aerial drone security system. This customer and others who are following suit have interest in expanding to multiple sites throughout the United States. 

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