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Booz Allen Hamilton Invests in AI Specialist Synthetaic

Booz Allen Hamilton has made a strategic investment in Synthetaic, an end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) company.

Synthetaic provides organizations with an end-to-end pipeline for AI-enabled solutions without the traditional dependency on human-labeled data—bypassing costs and delays while accelerating AI adoption in critical areas of importance, including national security and defense, healthcare, climate science, and conservation. Synthetaic’s flagship technology, RAIC (Rapid Automatic Image Categorization), enables rapid object labeling, AI modeling, and solution deployment by analyzing large, multidimensional imagery datasets, and allows both experts and non-experts to build and run detection AI models in minutes, instead of after months of human annotation.

“Advances in unsupervised machine learning methods present an opportunity to reimagine the AI model development and integration process,” said Steve Escaravage, Booz Allen senior vice president and AI business leader. “Our investment in Synthetaic provides access to technology that will reduce the time and cost to mission impact from AI solutions, which is absolutely critical in national security, defense, and domestic agendas.”

“Through our Tech Scouting division, Booz Allen is uniquely positioned to help the government find, vet, and access critical dual-use emerging technologies and deliver impact faster to important programs of record,” said Brian MacCarthy, Booz Allen vice president of tech scouting and ventures. “By investing in leading-edge companies like Synthetaic, we are meeting the government’s call to accelerate access to advanced solutions through partnerships, sponsorships, and collaboration.”

Founded in 2019, Synthetaic recently announced the close of its Series A financing round led by Lupa Systems.

“We are thrilled to count Booz Allen Hamilton among our strategic investment partners,” said Corey Jaskolski, CEO and founder of Synthetaic. “By automating data labeling at scale, RAIC increases rapid accessibility to AI, allowing users to build models and iterate in a matter of minutes instead of months. We’re excited to explore how our technologies can further enhance Booz Allen Hamilton’s ability to develop and deploy AI solutions for mission-critical use cases.”

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