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Aquiline Drones Acquires ElluminAI to Create Deep-Learning Drones

AD’s Spartacus AI is modular, with different sets of services and proficiencies. It can learn specialized skills on a case-by-case basis.

Connecticut-based Aquiline Drones Corporation (AD) announced the acquisition of ElluminAI Labs, LLC to support further development of its AI framework called Spartacus. This is AD’s second strategic acquisition in the company’s pre-IPO plan. It was just last month that AD completed the purchase of 50% of Netherlands-based AerialTronics, a renowned drone manufacturer, for $9.0M USD from Paris-based Drone Volt (ALDRV). This was principally to bolster AD’s in-house R&D capabilities. Drone Volt is a publicly traded French drone manufacturer and leader in AI technology with which AD has a strong, equity-based partnership.

This AI acquisition enables AD to deliver superior deep learning AI frameworks throughout its entire drone technology ecosystem which includes drone pilot training, drone manufacturing, commercial drone operations and cloud solutions on a global scale.

AD’s Spartacus AI is modular, with different sets of services and proficiencies. It can learn specialized skills on a case-by-case basis, while offering broad integration ability across various environments. The AI will deliver key capabilities across AD’s continuum of drone and cloud-based services, including:

  • A cognitive assistant for the online ground training experience. The Spartacus deep learning assistant is being integrated into all Flight-to-the-Future programs (www.FlighttotheFuture.com) where it will answer questions and intervene with precise suggestions based on how students interact with the course curriculum.  Flight to the Future is AD’s nationally acclaimed and complete drone pilot training program currently being attended by police officers, firefighters and other first responders nationwide.
  • Spartacus contains a ‘Natural Language Processing’ (NLP) engine that enables voice recognition and voice command and acts as an AI assistant across AD’s drone technology ecosystem.
  • Spartacus is equipped with Machine Vision (MV) skills to analyze drone data in real-time. The data analysis is highly specialized by use case and the Spartacus AI can master each application. For example, AD is currently working with a prominent commercial orchard to release specialized AI packages for data analysis which include applications as diverse as fruit counting, fruit analysis, etc. Other AI applications include the deciphering of thermal images from firefighting drones – a specialized AI application currently being taught via AD’s Flight to the Future program with immediate real-world applications thereafter!
  • Spartacus plays a crucial role in AD’s industry-leading robotic solutions for inspection, public safety and future UAV delivery services. For example, it will be part of AD’s Command and Control (AD C2) framework, optimizing flight planning and execution. It is also used for dynamic scheduling and flight dispatching of fully autonomous solutions.
  • Most significantly, the Deep Learning framework behind Spartacus allows for Big Data analysis. As experience is gained, Spartacus has the potential to master multiple knowledge spheres, discerning hidden patterns within the aggregated data. This has significant implications for future machine operations and positions the AD Cloud as an industry transformer for commercial drone operations.

“It is a true pleasure and exciting time to join Aquiline Drones; one of the most innovative and cutting-edge companies on our planet,” said Dr. Scott Martin, co-founder of ElluminAI Labs and professor at George Mason University. “Joining AD to build the next-gen AI solutions together to advance the global drone, aviation and training markets is indeed transformative, and we can’t wait to help launch tomorrow’s groundbreaking AI driven societies.”

“Our acquisition of ElluminAI will produce a powerful system that delivers a modular, deep learning cognitive framework, capable of flight optimization, training assistance and data analysis for the most sophisticated business processes involving commercial drones to essentially improve a company’s profitability.  This is not only ground-breaking technology, but sky-breaking technology as well!” said Barry Alexander, founder and chairman of Aquiline Drones. “What’s more is the superior and scientific architecture that ElluminAI brings to the table that will monitor and manage the AD ecosystem more accurately, skillfully and successfully.”

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