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Lithuanian Police and Border Guards to Use Motorola Solutions’ Body-Worn Cameras

Motorola Solutions has announced that more than 2,500 VB400 body-worn cameras are being deployed to the Lithuanian National Police and Border Guard Service. The new body-worn video solutions will be used by frontline teams to help increase transparency in policing and border protection.

The Border Guard Service in Lithuania is responsible for protecting a European Union (EU) border spanning more than 1,000 kilometers, including the management of border crossings, to help keep the Lithuanian state and its citizens safe.

“Body-worn cameras are a vital tool for enhancing transparency and accountability,” said Axel Kukuk, head of sales for Baltics, Nordics and Central Europe at Motorola Solutions. “Increasing numbers of public safety agencies across the region are seeking high-quality video security solutions that are easy to deploy and integrate seamlessly into officers’ workflows to help keep frontline officers and the public safe.”

The Motorola Solutions VB400 body-worn cameras are deployed with VideoManager digital evidence management software, enabling officers to upload footage for secure storage and organization of important details such as time, date, location and incident data.

Motorola Solutions also provides Lithuania’s secure, nationwide TETRA digital radio network and 24/7 technical services that deliver interoperable communications between police, fire and rescue organizations.

The company is a member of the Government Technology & Services Coalition (GTSC), a non-profit organization for government contractors in the homeland security market. 

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