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Patent Issued for New Airport Security Detection System

Government Technology and Services Coalition member and strategic partner, The Chertoff Group has recognized the issuance of a patent to Lee Kair, Principal, The Chertoff Group, for a system to enhance aviation security operations and provide significantly higher officer performance and efficiency.

Utilizing private funding and a U.S. government contract, The Chertoff Group subsequently teamed with Integrated Defense and Security Solutions (IDSS) to develop a solution based on Open Architecture DICOS imaging standards utilizing this patented technology, allowing access and interoperability with any checkpoint or checked baggage computed tomography (CT) system located anywhere in the world.

CT X-ray technology is derived from the medical space and used to find threats to aviation. CT systems take a series of x-ray images of a traveler’s bag, and electronically “stitches” them together into a high-resolution three-dimensional rendering.

A key component of the patent is its covert node, which allows bomb technicians at a secure non-airport location to create bags with real threat items and remotely test the performance of all officers operating in the massive multiplexing environment concurrently. Armed with these insights, government entities can target individuals for focused instruction and practice, train artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. These system-wide performance insights can also inform enhancements to standard operating procedure and detection algorithms.

The Chertoff Group regularly applies its security expertise and technology insights to help clients enhance their security and mitigate risk. The new patent is a prime example of a practical and innovative outcome of these efforts. At a time in history with unpreceded growth in aviation travel, economic changes affecting hiring of security officers, and the need for manpower flexibility, this system’s use of massive multiplexing and associated covert node present a rare opportunity for significant manpower savings and increased airport security performance.

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