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VP360 Argus Body-Worn Cameras Offer More Control, Less Overhead

VP360 Argus Body-Worn Cameras Offer More Control, Less Overhead Homeland Security TodayAs crime has evolved, so has the technology used to respond evolved. Law enforcement officials are continually searching for more advanced, efficient, and dependable tools to aid them in carrying out their responsibilities. One such technology, body-worn cameras, are becoming an increasingly popular option for law enforcement and related applications, such as border patrol.

VP360, a provider of end-to-end technology, in conjunction with technology providers SoleraTec, Zadara Storage, and Lightstream, has introduced the VP360 Argus Body-Worn Camera Solution As A Service, which can be used both on-premise and in a remote cloud data center, for law enforcement agencies.

This solution uses the Zadara Storage component for storage-as-a-service (STaaS), with the SoleraTec Phoenix Digital Evident Management (DEM) tool to house and manage the video recorded by the body-worn camera.

The VP360 Argus Body Camera Solution is equipped with a camera, digital evidence management system, data center grade storage components, and is utilized as a service with full system integration. As a service, the solution is able to function without the need for equipment to store video, which eliminates susceptibility to common troubleshooting delays.

The option to use the solution both on-premise or via the cloud can be appealing to law enforcement agencies hesitant to place evidence on multi-tenant solutions due to concerns surrounding security and response issues—common concerns with a cloud platform. Yet, those aware of how this advanced technology works know that completely removing the components which make a cloud system attractive, may reduce its effectiveness and diminish its efficiency.

“Agencies need the agility and economics of the cloud, but often feel more comfortable knowing there’s the option to fully keep their digital evidence storage behind their firewall,” said Nelson Nahum, CEO of Zadara Storage. “With the VP360 Argus body worn camera solution, they truly have the best of all worlds.”

Homeland Security Today previously reported that one of the major drawbacks of using body worn cameras is the cost. Not only is there the cost of the initial devices and setup, but also storage of recorded video and other recurring expenses. Training, program management, and camera maintenance also contributed to added costs.

“The cost of storing digital evidence can quickly skyrocket if law enforcement agencies don’t choose a solution that’s optimized for their needs,” said Jeff White, CEO of VP360. “We are excited about the partnerships we’ve put in place for the VP360 Argus body worn camera solution, and our growing our lineup of solutions for our clients over the past several months.”


In addition to cost, privacy remains a major concern with the use of body-worn cameras. Although they have been used successfully to improve transparency and evidence-gathering, as well as reduce use-of-force complaints, there are privacyissues surrounding when to record, how long videos can be stored, who has access to the videos, and whether the public should be able to access the videos.

Despite these concerns, law enforcement and border patrol agencies are increasingly turning to body-worn cameras as a vital tool to support their mission. As body-worn cameras become integrated at more and more law enforcement agencies, ensuring that the system runs smoothly with few delays or downtime will be critical.

Body-worn camera solutions like the VP 360 Argus are enabling law enforcement agencies, and anyone needing the level of security provided by body-worn cameras, to have confidence in the tool they are using to do their job more safely and effectively.



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