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GAO Tells Secret Service to Better Prioritize Resources

In recent years, Congress and a panel of experts established by the Secretary of Homeland Security have raised concerns that the U.S. Secret Service's investigative operations may negatively affect its protective operations. The Government Accountability Office was therefore asked to review the agency's investigative operations. Keep Reading

GAO: National Maritime Strategy on Course for February Completion

The U.S. maritime industry includes U.S.-flag ships, U.S. citizen crew, and U.S. shipyards. The Department of Defense relies on this industry to carry military cargo around the world in peace and war. However, the industry has shrunk due to high operating costs and may not be sufficient to support sustained military operations. Keep Reading

GAO Publishes Guide to Technology Readiness Assessments

Technology readiness assessments (TRA) are used to evaluate the maturity of technologies and whether they are developed enough to be incorporated into a system without too much risk. Technologies that are not as mature as recommended have been the source of program delays and cost increases. Keep Reading

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