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Megan Samford Takes on New Role at Schneider Electric as Chief Security Officer

Megan Samford has announced her appointment as the new Chief Security Officer for US National Security Agreements and US Federal Business at Schneider Electric. In her new role, Samford will be responsible for overseeing security initiatives and ensuring compliance with national security agreements, while also driving the company’s federal business strategy in the United States. Samford’s appointment marks a significant step in Schneider Electric’s commitment to strengthening its security posture and expanding its federal business operations. Her extensive background in product security and cybersecurity positions her as an ideal leader for these critical functions.

Megan Samford brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having held several key positions in the field of cybersecurity and product safety. Most recently, she served as Vice President and Chief Product Security Officer for Energy Management at Schneider Electric, where she led efforts to secure the company’s energy management products against emerging threats. Before joining Schneider Electric, Samford was the Director of Product Safety and Security at Rockwell Automation, where she developed and implemented strategies to enhance product security across the company’s portfolio. Her tenure at Rockwell Automation was marked by significant advancements in the company’s cybersecurity framework. Samford also held the position of Product Cyber Security Leader at General Electric (GE), where she was instrumental in developing and executing cybersecurity policies and procedures for GE’s product lines. Her role at GE involved close collaboration with engineering teams to integrate security measures into the product development lifecycle.

Her career in security and emergency management began at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, where she served as Emergency Services Manager. In this role, she managed emergency response initiatives and coordinated with various state and federal agencies to ensure the safety and security of agricultural operations. Additionally, Samford’s experience includes serving as Special Assistant for Homeland Security in the Governor’s Office of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this capacity, she was involved in developing and implementing homeland security policies, coordinating with state and federal agencies, and managing crisis communication efforts.

As Chief Security Officer for US National Security Agreements and US Federal Business at Schneider Electric, Samford will play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s security strategies and federal business initiatives. Her extensive experience in product security and cybersecurity will be invaluable in enhancing Schneider Electric’s capabilities to meet the stringent security requirements of national security agreements and federal contracts.

Megan Samford’s extensive experience and strategic vision position her to make a significant impact in her new role at Schneider Electric. As she steps into this pivotal position, the industry will be watching closely to see how she drives forward the company’s security and federal business initiatives.

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