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Anthony Bettini is the Chief Technology Officer for WhiteHat Security. Previously, Anthony ran Tenable Research where he joined via Tenable’s acquisition of FlawCheck – a leading Container Security startup where Anthony was the Founder and CEO. Before FlawCheck and Tenable, Anthony was the Founder and CEO of Appthority, a leading Mobile Security startup and winner of the “Most Innovative Company of the Year” award at the RSA Conference. Anthony led Appthority to successful acquisition by Symantec in 2018. Here at WhiteHat, Anthony leads product management and development, engineering and threat research.

Noor Dahri is the founder and Executive Director of ITCT. He was born and raised in Pakistan. Mr Dahri is currently studying MSc in Terrorism, Security and Policing from Leicester University. He has studied Forensics and Criminal Psychology from Oxford – UK, Counter Terrorism from the University of Maryland – U.S.A and also studied Counter Terrorism from International Institute for Counter Terrorism ICT- Israel. He is an independent researcher in Counter Islamist Terrorism and Islamist Extremism.
Mr. Dahri has written many research articles and journals on the hot issues such as Counter Terrorism, Violent Extremism, De-Radicalisation and Israel-Palestine issues which have been published in various newspapers and CT organisations. He has attended many events, conferences on the threat of Counter Terrorism. Noor is a Middle East Analyst at The Great Middle East and a regular contributor at the Times of Israel (Israel) and The Daily Times (Pak). He has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows for his interviews.
Noor had been invited to deliver his speeches at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism -ICT in Israel on the topic of “From Daw’ah To Jihad: Breaking the Radicalization and Violent Cycle”. Mr. Dahri is a fellow member of the Intelligence Community USA and a member of a UK’s security think tank Henry Jackson Society. He regularly attends discussion-based events in the House of Commons and the House of Lords (UK Parliaments). He has visited many countries for his research work. Mr Dahri has also worked with the London police department for the last 7 years and received a “Life Achievement Award Certificate” by Lord Frank Judd at The House of Lords- UK.
He has recently authored two books called “Global Jihad, Islamic Radicalisation and Counter Strategy” and “Terra Nullius: The Rebirth of a Land Without Peace” which were published from India in 2019. Noor is currently working on his third book on the subject of “Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism” where he would counter the Islamist’s narratives from the theology of Islam.

As the Sr. Vice President of Business Development and Contracts at Sterling Computers, Jeff Moore orchestrates strategic program and contract capture, efforts vital to the company’s growth. Leveraging two decades of industry experience, Moore oversees high-level initiatives for the technology solutions provider, championing activities around a variety of Advanced and Emerging solutions (SmartXD, Identity Management, Big Data, and Data Governance).
Born in Wayne, NE, Moore’s studies eventually took him to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where he got his first taste for business. In 2000, he started with Sterling as a sales rep and, soon after, helped capture the company’s first large program (Air Force Weather). He was subsequently appointed the head of the Capture team, responsible for $70 billion in contractual ceiling (NC2, SEWP, CIO-CS).
Since then, Sterling has seen a record period of revitalization and growth, emerging as a prominent leader in the industry. Today, Moore continues spearheading strategic campaigns for supporting customers’ data and its evolving usage (Cross Domain, IdAM, Big Data, Data Governance) as well as specializing in Secure Supply Chain. Additionally, he serves on a handful of industry advisory committees, including Dell and HPE, and affects positive change as a member of AFCEA.
Apart from an avid interest in IT, Moore enjoys traveling with his wife, playing golf (with varying degrees of success) and rooting for the Huskers, Vikings, and U.S. Men’s Soccer team. Connect with him on Twitter at @jmoore58.