Airline Pilots Concerned About Guns Accidentally Triggered in Cockpits

The Federal Flight Deck Officer Program was launched in the wake of the 911 attacks and provides pilots who volunteer with extensive training — at the pilot’s expense.
But we’ve learned there have been two incidents of handguns accidentally being discharged in the cockpit and a third during training.
Capt. Steve Sevier, National Security Chairman for the US Airline Pilots Association, said the problem stems from a holster and locking mechanism pilots are required to utilize.
"There have been several accidental discharges related to the holster and procedures involved where a lock has caused the firearm to discharge," said Sevier. "Not the operator’s finger or anything like that."
In fact, the government has known of the potentially deadly flaw for at least two full years.
A 2008 Inspector General report issued by the Department of Homeland Security found the "design renders the weapon vulnerable to accidental discharges." It urged the Transportation Security Administration to "discontinue its use."
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