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Anthony Kimery Discusses Bio-Terrorism on SyFy Channel’s ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything’

Image Anthony Kimery, Homeland Security Today Editor-in-Chief, appeared in "Biopocalypse," an episode of the SyFy Channel TV series, "Joe Rogan Questions Everything." Filmed in Los Angeles August 14, 2013, Kimery appeared with former CIA WMD counterterrorism unit chief Charles Faddis to discuss bio-terrorism, designer-hybrid pathogenic threats and unregulated DIY-bio genetics labs.

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Libya’s Gadhafi Has History of Terrorism

Image ImageThe ongoing situation in Libya continues to worry both the United States and its international allies. And over the weekend the United Nations set up a no-fly zone in Libya. The fear is that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi will resort to using terrorism to regain the upper hand. In his weekly interview with Federal News Radio, formerHomeland Security Today Editor David Silverberg discusses Gadhafi’s long history of using terrorism.

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