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Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford Homeland Security Today
Submarine Nuclear Engineer Officer
  • Biddeford, ME
  • July 27, 2020

13 years AD in US Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (Naval Reactors: NR), the only US nuclear agency exempted from Nuclear Regulatory Commission oversight. Initially qualified as Nuclear Engineer Officer by Naval Reactors in 1994; equivalent to Professional Engineer state-license in Nuclear Engineering. 3 years in two subs (SSN702 in 1997 & SSBN727 in 1998–2000) as Nuclear Engineer Officer Broad & deep experience in mechanical, electrical, marine, & systems engineering. Superb military discipline, leadership, & work ethic with additional expertise in quality assurance, industrial engineering, clinical medicine, education, & IT.

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Doctor of Osteopathy (incomplete) @ University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Jul 2015 — Jan 2016

Gross and microscopic human anatomy & physiology, pathology, osteopathy, interpreting diagnostic images, et. al.

two year, pre-medical post-baccalaureate program @ University of Rhode Island
Jan 2011 — Dec 2012

general biology, 1 year of organic chemistry, 1 year of biochemistry, 2 years of Spanish, et. al.

two year, pre-medical post-baccalaureate program @ Harvard University
Aug 2010 — Jun 2012

general biology, neurobiology, genomics, developmental biology, HIV/AIDS, optical imaging in biomedical research

MS: Operations Analysis @ US Navy: Naval Postgraduate School
Aug 1994 — Apr 1997

1 year of probability, 1 year of statistics, linear algebra, nonlinear algebra, data analysis, et. al. ♦Received full salary & benefits while full-time graduate student ♦Initial introduction to Object-Oriented Programming; used OOP in thesis C++ sources for modeling Venusian atmosphere & aerobot ♦Work directly with JPL scientists developing BEV & Venus Flyer Robot ♦Master’s thesis citation: Ford, Kevin S. "Optimizing aerobot exploration of Venus." NASA 19980058785 (1997). HDL URL:10945/8787.

BA (BS inclusive): Physics @ Florida State University
Jan 1987 — Jun 1989

Optics, Modern Physics, Engineering Physics, Thermodynamics, Astrophysics, Electricity & Magnetism, Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, et. al.

Associate of Arts (AS inclusive): Physics @ Gulf Coast State College
Jan 1984 — Dec 1986

1 year of calculus-based physics, 2 years of trigonometry and calculus, 2 years of French, et. al.


Quality Assurance Engineer @ Trillium Flow Technologies, Inc.
Aug 2019 — Current

♦Perform all QA requirement verification roles for ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) BPVC (Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code), ♦NRC/CMS (Nuclear Regulatory Commission 10 CFR 50 Appendix B QA Program), and ♦Commercial non-nuclear ISO 9001 QA Program requirements for all new & replacement valves and spare parts ♦2001 edition alone of BPVC is 16,000 pages in 28 volumes. ♦Responsible for verifying requirements for valves & spares in all BPVC editions from 1968–2019; new editions issued every 2 years. ♦Validate CMTRs (Certified Material Test Reports) for received components using BPVC & ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) & UNS (Unified Numbering System for Metals and Alloys) material standards for parts manufactured by third parties for Trillium assembly into N-stamp certified valves & spares.

Founder and Instructor @ Ford Home School
Apr 2002 — Aug 2019

Home-school boy & girl, birth to college-readiness in all subjects. ♦Deep insights into perspectives of & effective communication with learners at every confidence, knowledge & experience level

Operations Analyst @ US Navy: CNO Strategic Studies Group
Apr 2000 — Apr 2002

♦SSG was CNO’s think tank of futurists, modeled on Peter Schwartz’ The Art of the Long View & Clayton Christensen’s The Innovator's Dilemma. Mission: generate revolutionary naval-war concepts ♦ SSG products: Zumwalt-class destroyer ♦ElectroMagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) on USS Ford (CVN78) ♦32 MegaJoule laboratory electromagnetic railgun ♦I built & maintained 16-node JCATS client/server wargame network ♦Review National Laboratories’ et. al. research, brief CNO on revolutionary tech for future spending.

Nuclear Engineer Officer @ US Navy: USS Michigan (SSBN727)
Nov 1998 — Apr 2000

♦Third-in-command ♦Lead 60 men in the engineering department during submarine strategic deterrent patrols in the Pacific, from homeport Naval Submarine Base Bangor, WA to Gulf of Alaska to Pearl Harbor, HI and San Diego, CA. Also lead ships force and shore command personnel during drydock-based submarine refit maintenance periods.

Nuclear Engineer Officer @ US Navy: USS Phoenix (SSN702)
Nov 1997 — Nov 1998

Nuclear defueling at PNSY for 1 year. ♦Second-in-command ♦Lead 60 men as project manager in safely defueling SSN702, coordinating with PNSY nuclear engineer & other shipyard organizations. ♦Use expertise, advice & knowledge to broaden proficiency of others & establish cooperative relationships ♦Build effective team performance by creating an environment of trust, mutual respect & commitment to a mission ♦Mentor & coach subordinates to complete assignments. Completed defueling and decommissioning project under budget and on-time.

Graduate Student @ US Navy: Naval Postgraduate School and NASA: JPL
Aug 1994 — Apr 1997

♦Received full salary & benefits while completing master of science degree in operations analysis ♦Initial introduction to Object-Oriented Programming; used OOP in thesis C++ sources for modeling Venusian atmosphere & aerobot ♦Work directly with JPL scientists developing BEV & Venus Flyer Robot ♦Master’s thesis citation: Ford, Kevin S. "Optimizing aerobot exploration of Venus." NASA 19980058785 (1997). HDL URL:10945/8787.

Assistant to Nuclear Engineer Officer @ US Navy: USS Kamehameha (SSBN/SSN642)
Aug 1991 — Aug 1994

♦Consecutively supervise operation & maintenance of 3 Engineering Department divisions: Reactor Controls, Main Propulsion, & Electrical, and one Weapons Department division: Sonar ♦Report to Nuclear Engineer Officer and Weapons Officer ♦3-month submarine strategic deterrent patrols in the Atlantic from Holy Loch Scotland to Groton, CT, counter-drug-trafficking operations in Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, transit Panama Canal and west coast of US to Mare Island Naval Ship Yard (MINSY) ♦1 yr conversion at MINSY from SSBN to SSN/DDS (Dry Deck Shelter) for submerged deployment of US Navy SEAL teams & USMC platoons ♦1 yr testing DDS system in amphibious operations around Hawaiian Islands.

Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant @ FSU: John D. Fox Superconducting Linear Accelerator Lab; Collins Research Lab, Tallahassee, FL
Jan 1987 — Jun 1989

♦Perform mechanical, electrical, chemical & electronic maintenance on 9MeV tandem Van de Graaff particle accelerator, superconducting Linear Accelerator & cryogenic liquid helium plant.

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