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Timothy Butters

Senior Executive - public and private sector

Led USDOT's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)as Deputy Administrator and Acting Administrator

Major accomplishments
Organized and led the first ever national summit on pipeline safety and emergency response, bringing together key stakeholders from industry and public safety to address safety and emergency response issues following a series of gas and liquid pipeline accidents leading to a more robust and active engagement with the pipeline industry and state and local emergency responders
Led PHMSA's response to several national/international hazardous materials incidents including Fukashima nuclear disaster, Super Storm Sandy, Ebola Crisis, West Texas Ammonium Nitrate explosion, Crude Oil By Rail, transportation of lithium batteries among others
Initiated new processes for publication of PHMSA regulations in the Federal Register resulting in greater efficiencies and signficant cost saveings
Helped lead a major recruiting and hiring effort reducing the number of PHMSA staff vacancies at both the headquarters and field offices
Appointed to several White House IPC's to address high profile pipeline and hazardous materials issues leading to critical safety improvements
Co lead executive team in the implemantation of a signifcant number of hazardous materials and pipleine safety rules and the elimination of unneccessary rules and regulations
Revised FAA's requirements for emergency response plans for air shows/aviation events

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Bachelor Business Administration @ James Madison University
Aug 1975 — May 1980

Minor in Economics

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