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Tony Di Nino

WebEOC Expert
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • July 26, 2020

Assume full project management responsibilities for all WebEOC projects.
Analyze and document Emergency Management stakeholder WebEOC needs and goals.
Design and develop advanced WebEOC solutions within deadlines.
Test and document (user guides and developer notes) WebEOC work.
Install / integrate new or modified WebEOC software.
Demo and train WebEOC solutions.
Administrate and maintain WebEOC sites and boards.
Interact with and support client IT departments.

I am very passionate about WebEOC and what it can do for Emergency Management organizations. I welcome the opportunity to demo the work I have done in the 11+ years and discuss what I can contribute to existing and new projects.

My WebEOC design and development knowledge and experience is complemented with many years of technical consulting, IT, and project management experience. I can sit comfortably with stakeholders and non-tech users, listen to their needs, and then respond / explain in nontechnical terms. I can then meet with technologists / vendors etc. and discuss requirements in terms they understand.

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