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TSA Seeks Input on Mobile Driver’s Licenses to Inform REAL ID Rulemaking

DHS and TSA are interested in mobile driver’s licenses because, compared to physical driver’s licenses, mobile driver’s licenses could provide greater security to TSA and all federal agencies verifying an individual’s identity, stronger privacy protections to individuals, and health and safety benefits to all users by enabling touchless identity verification. Keep Reading

ICAO’s Drone Symposium Highlights Aviation’s Revolution

Traditional aviation continues to undergo a fundamental evolution in light of the increasingly widespread use of unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, as well as related modernization trends associated with digital communications and the emergence of advanced air mobility operators and other new entrants. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

Can the Aviation Community Stop a Cyber Attack from Taking Off?

Today, the aviation sector plays a vital role transporting not only people and traditional freight, but also vaccines – representing the largest single transport challenge in its history. It is highly likely that aviation networks and other sectors associated with the vaccine distribution supply chain will be subject to a significant volume of targeted, adversarial cyber activities during this period. Keep Reading

Erie International Opens Pop-Up TSA PreCheck Application Center

Residents of the Erie area and northwestern Pennsylvania region will be able to enroll in the Transportation Security Administration’s TSA PreCheck® application program inside Erie International Airport from May 3 to 7, where officials will host a temporary “pop-up” enrollment center. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

Weekly Update: TSA Firearm Detections

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reported several guns being stopped at U.S. airports by TSA officers over the last week as air travel experiences a spring uptick.  Keep Reading

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