First Head of DHS Infrastructure Protection Invites HSToday Readers to Collaborate on Critical Infrastructure Protection for Infrastructure Security Month

Dear HSToday Readers,

As all of you know, the threats to our infrastructure not only continue, they are increasing and compounded by a constant cyber threat.  Since my time as the first Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, I have continued to devote my time to assuring that we prioritize protecting our critical infrastructure with so many competing needs.

That is why, when Homeland Security Today asked me to reach out to all of you and invite you to collaborate and share thoughts and ideas on how to raise awareness, harden our physical and digital assets, and integrate security at all levels.

I am thrilled to chair HSToday’s National Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month coverage and encourage all of you to join us with your contributions.

I know from working closely with those protecting critical infrastructure, you really don’t need a “month” to “raise awareness. The job of protecting against attack is a 24/7 mission.  I would posit that the need for vigilance, attention and constant evolution in our security posture and practices is extremely necessary.

That is why I’m reaching out to you today. I invite you to share your advice, expertise, and ideas here at Homeland Security Today.  As you have seen in the last several months, we continue to focus on contributions from experts in our field.  HSToday’s success is built on practitioners – legitimate experts and those actually doing the job – to write and join us in the various missions of securing the country.

I encourage you to join us.  If you have an idea, we are extremely interested in hearing it.  If you have a best practice that should be shared across our community, please share it. HSToday wants you to share what you see evolving in your threat landscape, a security fix that helped your company or agency save money and secure your assets, a “lesson learned” from your experience – OR just your opinion about something going right, or wrong.

Thank you for your service on the front lines.  Thank you for reading HSToday and  please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any ideas or suggestions.


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Mr. Liscouski was appointed by President George W. Bush as the first Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security was founded in 2003 and served in that position until 2005. Mr. Liscouski is Managing Partner and co-founder of Convergent Risk Group LLC, an innovative enterprise risk management and cyber security firm focused on protecting companies, state & local governments, international clients and NGOs by providing complete cyber risk mitigation and transfer solutions. Mr. Liscouski is a proven security professional and entrepreneur with over 30 years of senior level security operational and company leadership experience.

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